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NCBS  2018 Barrel Picks

2018 Picks

Peerless (2018)
Peerless Distilling
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On 26 October 2018, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team spent the day at Peerless Distilling Co. (DSP-KY-50) in Louisville, KY. This historical distilling family traces its roots all the way back to 1860 in Henderson County, KY.

Peerless Distilling presented the NCBS selection team with three solid three-year-old, Sweet Mash Rye barrels to choose from. The vote was split down the middle on two barrels. After some discussion and the determination that blending of the two made a wonderful third great option, we decided to purchase two barrels. Here are the tasting notes from the pick and the Peerless Master Distiller blending recommendation. We hope that you enjoy them! 

Barrel# 150918110

Proof: 107.3

Named: Jekyll (The good guy of the blend)

Nose: tobacco, ceder, burnt sugar.

Palate: sweet, tobacco, oak, rye grain, some cherry and dark chocolate, hint of rye bitters.

Finish: walks away nicely, rye spices, hints of molasses.

Barrel# 150829108

Proof: 109.1

Named: Hyde (The sinister guy of the blend)

Nose: rich molasses, orange, tobacco, cedar, rye spice.

Palate: at first, this does not seem like a rye, taste like butterscotch, hints of orange.

Finish: smooth, disappears quickly with little to no rye burn.

Jekyll’s Elixir = One Part Jekyll // Two Parts Hyde (Notes from Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn)
Nose: An overarching sweet-smokey oak ties this nose together. Notes of brunt sugar, molasses, cedar, and rich tobacco all collaborate for something truly spectacular.
Palate: The flavor starts with a sweet burst of fruit that evolves into cherry and orange cocktail bitters. The flavors then transform to feature much darker notes within the whiskey. Tobacco, leather, dark chocolate, and toasted sugar are all showcased in this shift.
Finish: The mixture returns to the sweet, bright fruit that lit up the initial taste and it slowly fades, creating an enduring, pleasant finish. Just before it completely fades away, a short burst of sweet and spicy oak provides a finale.

New Riff 2018
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On 29 October 2018, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team spent the day at New Riff Distilling Co. (DSP-KY-20016) in Newport, KY. 

New Riff Distilling presented the NCBS selection team with eleven solid four-year-old, Sour Mash Bourbon barrels to choose from. From those eleven, the team had to use the distiller notes to narrow down the selection option to five barrels. The vote was almost  

unanimous with one barrel the clear front runner. After some discussion the team came to a consensus and selected a winner. Here are the tasting notes from the pick. We hope that you enjoy it!  

Barrel# 14-943

Proof: 113.5

Barreled: 10 November 2014

Bottled: 13 November 2018

Named: Comfortably Numb

Nose: rich hints of soft leather, anise.

Palate: leather, dark fruit, dried raisin, tobacco, spicy oak (or maybe smoke), molasses.

Finish: tobacco, leather, hint of butter, long legs that linger away slowly.

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