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2021 NCBS Barrel Picks

Wild Turkey Charity
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Wild Turkey Charity Bottle

Barrel# 20-0508, Floor 4, Warehouse E 

Barreled: 16 September 2011

Bottled: 27 October 2020

Proof: 110

Named: NCBS Charity

Nose: rich buttery caramel and coco powder.

Palate: maple syrup, buttery and rich leather//tobacco, with a hint of sweat-tea or dried fig.

Finish: begins with the sweetness of the caramel, walks away slowly, then Boom... circles back

charity trkey_edited.jpg

On 13 July 2020, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was able to spend the morning with Shawn Phillips from Campari Group and taste through some amazing Wild Turkey single barrel samples. Of course we would have loved to go to the Lawrenceburg, KY facility; however, staying staff during the current COVID situation. You might remember, this is when we also selected the "Ozark" Episode bottles.

We explained the plan for the the next NCBS Charity event and Campari was gracious enough to allow us to select a barrel just for that event. This barrel is dedicated to The Dragon Fly House and the Zebulon Boy & Girls Club. Here are the tasting notes from the pick. We hope that you enjoy it!  



Peerless Double Oak Rye

Barrel# R150922109

Proof: 109.6

Named: Moe says "Enjoy Peerless Double Oak" 

Nose: hints of burnt caramel & sugar.

Palate: sweet candy, toasted oak, oily yet balanced.

Finish: fresh apricot, late arrival of pepper from the rye, has a bit of a chew to it.

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On 1 July 2020, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team got the opportunity to work with Caleb Kilburn  and John Wadell on a new Peerless Double Oaked Rye.

This session included three offerings that in age, each had spent a year in a new barrel before being transferred to a second barrel for four more years. As happens sometimes, the Selection Team didn't find one that everyone agreed upon. Peerless being a Top Notch company, sent us three new samples and we reconvened on 19 July 2020. This group of samples was amazing and a winner was chosen.

Peerless Double Oak
Knob Creek


Knob Creek

Barrel# 12014C Lot ID:11E23

Proof: 120

Named: Yep, That is some good Knob Creek that you got right there. 

Nose: melon, honey dew, and apple.

Palate: toasted, oak, black pepper, green apple.

Finish: buttery caramel apple, oak and warmth for the high proof.

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On 18 October 2020, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team got the opportunity to work with Knob Creek .

This session included three 9yr samples, all ranging in the 122 proof range. Each one was complex and unique [even after all these years, it still amazes me how different each barrel can be]. 

Knob Creek
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BCS Rye for Cabarrus

Barrel# M245 

Proof: 108.5

Named: Zots War Head

Nose: floral, green apple. 

Palate: creamy, sour tart war head, fresh green apple.  

Finish: green apple, semi-sweet coco, holds profile even with a drop of water.

On 18 October 2020, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was fortunate enough to team up with the Barrell Craft Spirits team again. We had just finished selecting the Knob Creek above, took a break, had some great food, and then dove into three MGP Rye samples. This barrel was selected for our friends in Cabarrus County! We hope you get the change to enjoy it.



BCS Special Release

Blend: 45% 5yr, 5% 9yr, 40% 13yr, and 10% 15yr (A30K)

Proof: 112.36

Yield: 162 Bottles

Named: The Blender

Nose: fruity, hints of honey.

Palate: rich buttery, creamy honey, hints of coco and nut.

Finish: good mouth feel, coco then spice up from, is very smooth for having 45 % 5yr

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On 17 December 2020, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was fortunate enough to team up with the Barrell Craft Spirits for a new Private Release Blend. This is a an awesome experience to try different blends of several different years. The blends also included bourbons from IN, KY, and TN. 

The blend selected is complex and drinks more like a 10-12yr smooth bourbon. Here are the notes, hope you are fortunate enough to snag one of these.

The Blender


Jack Daniel's SiB Rye

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Barrel# 4244 14-H-18 (Barreled 14 August 2018)

Mash Bill: 70% Rye, 18% corn, 12% barely

Proof: 94


Nose: sweet, fruity.

Palate: rye spice, caramel banana, hints of fig, apple, toasted barrel.

Finish: light cracked pepper and the apple notes seem to linger.

On 2 January 2021, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was asked to select a Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye for Albemarle ABC Board. 

Jack Daniel's provided three great samples [COVID is still not letting folks into distilleries for selections] to choose from. The team enjoyed each sample and selected one that we hope you enjoy. 

Tasting Setup
Tasting Samples
The Selection
The Selection Team
Jack Daniel's
JD SiB Rye
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Light Whiskey (MGP)

Barrel#  SC-92

Proof: 147.4 

Named: Hazmat Cotton Candy

Nose: floral to herbal.

Palate: malt, herbal yet sweet, backed goods.

Finish: some burn on the lips, then some pepper on the back. With some ice or a couple drops of water, the mouth feel is creamy and the sweetness is like cotton candy melting in your mouth.

Hazmat Cottoncandy 1.jpg

On 8 February 2021, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team had the opportunity to sample three very high proof 14yr MGP Light Whiskeys. These came in at 138.5, 138.8, and 147.4 proof. We do not normally pick light whiskey single barrels; however, it was hard to pass up the opportunity with these ages and proofs.

Everyone was amazed at the complexity and cotton candy profile of the 147.4 proof after just a couple of drops of water. This bottle will disappear just like the racoon's cotton candy. Hope you enjoy it.

Hazmat Cotton Candy


Jack Daniel's Barrel Proof

Barrel# 15-K-10

Proof: 131.7

Named: I want my Barrel Proof!!!!!!

Nose: fruity, Brown-Forman all the way.

Palate: dried fig, leather, tabacco, toffee, crème brulee, toffee.  

Finish: smooth, hints of chocolate nots over the leather and tobacco.

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Jack Daniel's

On 20 March 2021, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was asked to select a Jack Daniel's Barrel Proof Bourbon. Do not under estimate the flavor profiles coming out of these JDBP selections. We had several great options to pick from, which no one would ever complain about. 

So glad that we did this pick, what a great experience and can't wait until we select another one of these.

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Clyde May's SiB Select

Age: 5 years

Proof: 102

Mash Bill: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley (IND)

Nose: baked goods, oak, hint of something sweet

Palate: great mouth feel, creamy, coco, baked goods, some buttery notes

Finish: there is a pause then a peppery spike with a long walk-away finish

cm 1.jpg

On 7 April 2021, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was able to spent the afternoon with L.C. Mays and select an amazing single barrel for North Carolina. Those that don't know, Clyde May proudly served in the Army’s 77th Infantry Division during World War II. He earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart while commanding a 12-man rifle squad. After the war he want to make the best spirits that he could. Distilled since 1946. Legal since 2001. Over 70 years of authenticity, dedication, integrity and perseverance. 

Clyde May's
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Wild Turkey Camp Nelson

Barrel# 21-0299, Floor 4, Camp Nelson - A Wearhouse

Barreled: 12 December 2012

Bottled: 25 August 2021

Proof: 110


Proof: 110

Mash Bill: 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% barley 

Nose: light earthy notes, herbal sweetness.

Palate: raisin, rich honey and caramel sweetness followed by vanilla, cherries, citrus, apple, and licorice.

Finish: oily mouth feel, mild and very smooth then a little bust of heat.

Still wanting to get back to the Wild Turkey Campus; however, COVID still ruling the day... So on 13 June 2021, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team was spent the afternoon sampling some amazing Wild Turkey samples. This was very difficult, as we would have taken all the barrels if it was allowed. Nevertheless, we powered through and picked two barrels that would make every Wild Turkey fan envious... Here are the notes on the gems selected. Cheers!



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Bardstown Bourbon Company Futures Program

On 20 June 2021, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team spent the afternoon at Bardstown Bourbon Company. They are creating a modern, authentic bourbon experience that pushes the boundaries through innovation, while honoring the traditional art of making whiskey. 

NCBS was fortunate enough to have the honor of participating in their futures program. We will get to watch this barrel as it ages over the years and keep you posted!!!!

BBC Futures
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Bulleit Bourbon SiB

Proof: 104

Named: Carolina Tea

Nose: very pleasant, hint of citrus.

Palate: herbal tea, dark fruit, leather, sugar cookie.

Finish: herbal tea, dark chocolate, jack fruit, 

On 21 Jun  2021, a small NCBS Barrel Selection Team was lucky enough to make a trip out to Bulleit Frontier Whiskey in Shelbyville, KY (which is always a great experience)

Bulleit present the NCBS team with six different barrels made up from two different recipes. We had four 12yr/mash bill 21% Rye, 75% corn, 4% malted barley/yeast strain E (fruit & creamy) and two 10yr/mash bill 36% Rye, 60% corn, 4% malted barley/yeast strain B (strawberry fruit).

bnc 1
Carolina Tea
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Elijah Craig SiB Barrel Proof

Barrel# 6204285, Floor 5, Warehouse AA

Barreled: 2012

Bottled: 2021

Proof: 130

Mash Bill: 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye

Named: Bourbon Brothers

Nose: leather, caramel, aged oak.

Palate: buttery, toffee, brown sugar, hint of light oak.

Finish: this has that “Kentucky Hug” and what might be called “Cherry Punch”

On 22 Jun  2021, NCBS spent the day at Heaven Hill and had the opportunity to select an Elijah Craig Single Barrel Barrel Proof!!! Talk about a hard task. Three great barrels... We even asked if we could take them all; however, one one barrel on this trip. 



The Bourbon Bear
Whiskey Company

Mash Bill: 78% corn, 13% rye, 9% barley

Proof: 108.18

Named: Bourbon Bear #2

Nose: dried fruit, hints of apricot or maybe honeydew melon.

Palate: dried fruit, soft caramel notes that move to maple syrup, buttery mouth feel.

Finish: something refined and sophisticated here, no burn, nice sugar ring, drinks like a lower proof.

In Oct 2020, the NCBS Barrel Selection Team had the great opportunity to work with

Bourbon Bear
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Barrel #: BBL06

Age: 5yr

Proof: 113.7

Named: The OKI Barrel That Should Not Be

Nose: dusty and earthy notes.

Palate: mild rye spice, hints of oak and dried fruits.

Finish: creamy mouth fell, long slow walk of fresh cracked pepper

In October 2021, NCBS was very lucky to have the opportunity to help select an O.K.I. single barrel bourbon. This was a great occasion and presented the members of NCBS with an unsuspected experience and a great bourbon.

p 9.jpg

16 & 17

Major Pingree 

Barrel: I-39

Age: 7yr

Proof: 118.4

Named: Bourbon

Nose: rich dark notes.

Palate: dark chocolate, baked goods, hints of leather.

Finish: very smooth; w/H2O it still holds the dark notes.

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Barrel: I-31

Age: 6yr

Proof: 122.4

Named: Rye

Nose: muted spearmint.

Palate: minty fresh, complex, hint of dryness and some dill.

Finish: crisp, holds with a slow walk away.

On 22 Oct  2021, a NCBS Barrel Selection Team found themselves in Detroit, MI. at the Valentine Distillery for the selection of two barrels. There was no predetermined one Bourbon and one Rye; the Master Distillery selected several barrels for us to sample and stated we could take the best two.  Man oh man, did we want them all. There was not a single barrel that we would not take. The Team ended up selecting one 7yr Bourbon and one 6yr Rye.

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Barrel #: 6678597 Rickhouse HH, Floor 3

Age: 7yr

Proof: 92

Mash Bill: 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% barley

Named: NCBS For Asheville

Nose: fresh bread and toffee, with a note of butterscotch.

Palate: buttery caramel and honeyed notes, with a rich mouthfeel.

Finish: long, gently sweet and savory.

On 22 Jun  2021, NCBS spent the day at Heaven Hill and had the opportunity to select on of the last Larceny Single Barrels, as they are ending that program. You might remember, we also picked an Elijah Craig Single Barrel Barrel Proof on this trip, which is featured above on the page.  What most don't know is that John E. Fitzgerald was in a distiller, in fact a treasury agent who used his rickhouse keys to steal a taste of the best barrels, thus committing larceny.



Jack Daniel's Barrel Proof

Barrel# 2107943

Barreled: 19 May 2016

Bottled: Oct 2021

Proof: 94

Mash Bill: 80% corn, 12% malted barley, 8% rye

Nose: banana bread, caramel, light oak.

Palate: sweet Werther's candies, dried banana.

Finish: oak, banana (again), and white pepper.

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Jack Daniel's

In October 2021, the Locust ABC asked the NCBS Barrel Selection Team to help them select a Jack Daniel's Single Barrel that would arrive just in time for the Holidays. Without hesitation we agreed. The Brown-Forman representative provided the selection team with some awesome samples, each one had that Brown-Forman profile that we have come to enjoy 

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