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NCBS trademark

The North Carolina Bourbon Society name and logo have been Trade Marked.


Below are the listed approved vendors that you can order from. *Note: NCBS does not profit from any of the below sales. 

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Holtz Leather is more than just a brand or small business. It’s about family, hard work and the things that matter, just like the way things were done in great-granddaddy’s day. This generation taught their sons trades and that the family name meant something. They retold stories of the sweat, tears, and blood their kinfolk sacrificed to keep things going. They were never too busy to help a friend in need.

When you order from them, all you need to do is select the item that you want, how many, and then when you get to the shopping cart, you will need to place the following "Please is the NCBS image from #Holtz35698" in the ORDER NOTES section. Have no fear, they will send you and email with a Proof of the item with the logo before they charge you. This way you can still say no if you don't like it.

Here are some examples:

Skull Cap

Gifts on Glass is a small business that makes a verity of products for small groups.  Most of the products that you previously ordered from this website or in the private Facebook page came from Gifts on Glass.

There is a special section on the site just for NCBS items.

Here are some examples:

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